Moose – Hot for Ms. Cross #2

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The university that this black boy went to was very boring because almost nobody was his friend and since they put him in another class that was not with Miss Cross with the good relationship they had, each day was longer for him. Although there is no need to say that every day they saw each other in the bathroom while this black boy fucked her in her wet pussy while she asked more and more to be fucked in her ass. But that ended when he had to change classes and for fear of being caught fucking Miss Cross he stopped fucking her for a week, until she didn’t see her again for a long time.

Until one day, while he was a boy, he was sitting on a bench at the university, Miss Cross approached hers to greet him and even insult him for what she made him do to her while her husband fucked the intern herself. . It was ironic but she was no longer home, when her husband approached her and she insulted him so she asked him who was that boy she was talking to. She couldn’t resist telling him that he was her boyfriend, so that afternoon the teacher and her boy fucked for hours.

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