Super Stuffed Saiyan – Dragon Ball

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Dragon Ball xxx – Hello guys and girls. I hope you are ready for more Dragon Ball Super xxx comics, because today Califula and Kale came for more cock. The two saiyans have immense desires to fuck and today they return for Goku and Vegeta’s huge cocks. Don’t miss seeing this sexy Saiyan couple fucking like the bitches they are for the two most powerful Saiyans in universe 7!

Califula and Kale arrive at Whis’s planet where Goku and Vegeta are training. They want to become stronger with them 2 but for the prince of the Saiyan Vegeta they are nothing more than two low class warriors. The girls fuse into Kefla to demonstrate their power, but Vegeta orders Goku to stop them and easily immobilizes them. Vegeta approaches and sticks his cock into Kefla’s vagina to fuck them like a whore.